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Thermal Printing Rush Service is available. Please call for pricing. WE CAN PRINT AND SHIP IN 1, 3 OR 5 DAY TURNAROUND.

We provide 10 mils through 30 mils (Credit Card) thick cards. Do you have a special shape you want to be produced? No problem we can print any shape!* NO SETUP FEES!

For orders over 10,000 Please call for Special Pricing on 905-478-2273 or 833-433-6800
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Product Selection Guide

If you have never ordered plastic cards before, you may be wondering what your options are and what product is right for you. Perfect Plastic Cards wants to provide a useful guide to help you choose the right card and add-ons for your needs.

What Are Your Requirements?

Do you want to print on both sides of the card?

Our pricing includes printing on both sides of a clear, frosted, or PVC standard card in full color. Why not use the available space on the cards to place your logo or advertise your product?

Do you want to print on one side of the card?

If you don’t have a lot of essential information to present to potential customers, printing on one side of the card may be the best option for you for a clean, simple look.

Do you need to print membership or employee ID cards?

If you choose the thermal coating option, this will allow you to print a photo or personalized text on top of the printed card so that you can use your own equipment to create membership or employee ID cards.

Is your card a dark color (blue, black, purple, dark red)?

You should consider a matte finish so that scratches and markings are not as obvious as on a glossy card. It will keep the product looking new and professional, even if a customer has it in their wallet for a long period of time.

Do you need customer loyalty or gift cards?

You may need the embossing or flat printed option to display a unique number on the card. You may also need a magnetic stripe on the card so it can be swiped by cashiers. You can even do key tags for customers.

Do you need a security code on a gift card or membership card?

Select the scratch off option and a security code will be hidden until scratched off by a cashier or customer. Choosing this can help to prevent fraud and fake accounts; protecting you and your customers.

Do you want to limit access to areas of your business to employees only?

You want to purchase ID badges with a magnetic stripe and slot punch option to give to your employees. You may want to select thermal coating as well if you will be printing their photo or personalized text on the card.

In today’s marketplace, you need to distinguish yourself from your competition. At Perfect Plastic Cards, you can always expect the best and most affordable pricing and superior customer service. Need help with your design? No problem! At Perfect Plastic Cards, we will help you layout your design to ensure the best possible quality printing. If you need assistance in selecting the right product, please contact us at 905-478-2273 or 833-433-6800 or you can chat live with one of our representatives, and they can answer your questions.