Gift / Loyalty Software

A full-featured solution for Gift Card and Loyalty Card Management designed to run on any Windows workstation. You too can have the same type of software in use by major franchises, at a flat price that can’t be beat!

Software Options  
Gift Card License
Loyalty License
Both Licenses as low as $79 US per month
Online Access Options  

My Gift Account (on line Portal) is now included

My Rewards (on line Portal) is now included

Package 1 – 500 Custom Cards $302
Package 2 – 1000 Custom Cards $437


All pricing is per location. Includes 5 workstations per location. Additional Seats are available.

  • $75 one time Set Up fee
  • Annual Agreement

Why Your Company Needs Loyalty Program Cards

A challenge for many business is attracting and retaining customers. Cultivating customer loyalty takes consistency in service and product quality over time. Loyalty cards can help keep people who love your company coming back and encourage devotion and reliability in new customers that may not be familiar with your brand. Here are five considerable benefits of having a loyalty card program for your business and your customers.

Loyalty Programs Generate Frequent Visits and Retain Customers

Loyalty cards can reap major benefits with holding onto customers. When a customer decides to sign up for a loyalty card, it’s because the see some value in the rewards that you are offering them by taking part in your program. If your company sets up and cultivates a quality loyalty program, your customers are more likely to come into your business more often and on average spend more money on each visit than customers without the card.

Loyalty Programs Build a Relationship with Your Customer

Since loyalty card programs translate into repeat business from your customers, you have an excellent opportunity to develop a rapport with them. People love to feel a personal connection with your employees and if you have trained your staff on proper service standards to ensure your customers feel this, it will build brand loyalty because of the consistency of experience a customer receives when they come into your business and interact with the people that work there.

Loyalty Cards Gives Your Business Insight into Your Customers

Loyalty cards have the added bonus of being able to collect data. These cards can help your business keep track of the details of visits from customers who possess your loyalty program. They can track how often they visit, how much money they spend and the products they buy. When the data is studied in aggregate (as a whole), it can tell you which products are popular with certain customers and can help you target your marketing efforts more effectively.

Loyalty Cards Help to Boost Customer Confidence

When customers start to use their loyalty card and make several visits to your business, they will begin to build an impression of you. If your employees are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and you provide stellar products, these customers will develop positive perspective about your company and they begin to trust they will get quality products and service from your company. It helps to encourage customer confidence.

Loyalty Programs Reduce Advertising Costs

It’s a reality of marketing and running a business that retaining an existing customer costs a lot less than attracting a new one! Focusing on maintaining the loyalty of people who already buy from you is simply a smarter use of your advertising and marketing budget. The cost of printing up informational brochures and loyalty program cards is far less expensive than most traditional advertising such as billboards, magazines and radio or TV ads

Are you interested in learning more about how loyalty program cards can help your business? Contact us at 833-433-6800 or 905-478-2273 or by e-mail at or live chat and we can give you details on how to get started and walk you through the process of building a loyalty program.

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