Quality Control

Printing & Art Layout

Perfect Plastic Cards believes that our customers deserve the best products. We are conscientious about the standard of plastic cards we manufacture and we have instituted a quality control process to ensure customers receive a top-notch product, on every order.


We Use the Proper Equipment

Perfect Plastic Cards prints all of our orders, offset, on Heidelberg printers. These machines lead the industry for their printing capabilities. We have the power to mass produce large orders, extremely quickly, with great resolution and colour quality. Heidelberg printers are also eco-friendly by efficiently using consumables (plastic and ink) to reduce waste.

We Use Durable Materials

Our company uses high quality PVC plastic to print our cards. This is a durable, light weight and low cost plastic. Our standard plastic cards are 30 mil thick (which is the same as your debit or credit card.) If you would like a thinner stock for your plastic card, we can customize the thickness from 10 mil – 30 mil to meet your requirements.

We Check the Artwork, Colour and Resolution of Images

When you place an order with our company you can choose to have your artwork and graphics laid out by our graphic design team, or you can submit your own files. Our graphic department will look over your artwork thoroughly, to make sure there are no issues and send you a digital proof before we go to print with your order.


  • We check the resolution of the text and images to ensure they will come out sharp and look great when they are printed.
  • Our standard printing job uses the CMYK colour system. CMYK uses 4 colours (cyan, magenta, yellow and black.) This process can print any colour by combining the four colours in a particular proportion as extremely small dots. These dots are so tiny and close together that your eye registers the print as a solid colour. This is also the exact same printing process as the credit and debit cards in your wallet.
  • Perfect Plastic Cards can also print your cards using the Pantone Matching System (PMS.) This colour system uses red, green, and blue and you input a 2 or 3 digit code that will correspond to the precise colour that you need.

We Ensure the Cut Will be Polished and Smooth

Your cards aren’t printed individually, they are printed on large sheets and then they are cut to the required size. We pay attention to the details and the plastic cards you receive from our company will have standard clean, rounded corners.

If you would like to know more about our quality control processes we follow at Perfect Plastic Cards, give us a call at 1 (888) 478.2279, contact us by e-mail, you can even live chat with us.

Artwork Design Guidelines

Are you considering designing your own business card? If you are it can be a great way to produce a unique design. Perfect Plastic Cards wants to set you up for success so when you upload your artwork it will look professional and pass the review by our design team. Here are five principles you should follow to create a card that will impress!



Choose high-resolution images at least 300 dpi that are relevant to your business and fit well in the space on the business card. Ensure your logo displays well, as it can be the foundation for your card and its colour scheme or typeface selections.



Choose a typeface that is reflective of your business and industry and will flow with your selected image. You should be selective and sparing with your use of upper case and bolding. Make sure to outline your artwork so that no font substitutions will happen upon design review by our team.



Choose colors that complement or contrast with the image you have selected for your card. You can use the color wheel to select the best options. You can also pull the colors out of your logo to use in other areas of the card.



Align your image and written content properly so that the writing does not blend into the image and lose its visual appeal. Many business cards have one-half dominated by the image and the other by the written information.



You need to keep your written text clean and concise and ensure that you place all relevant information together. All contact information should be placed together; while company name, employee name and title are best displayed as a grouping.